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20 minutes of intense flavors can be received while smoking one of these Bolivar Coronas Junior cigars. These sticks are hand crafted by skillful torcedors from Cuba, which are using the finest leaves of tobacco from Vuelta Abajo region. With 2- 3 years of aging a smoker will have in his hands a true treasure.

Appearance & Construction

These are some of the most fascinating sticks I’ve ever got the chance to touch and smoke. They are very light in the hand, spectacular as appearance, as and more than anything they are filled with different flavors. My stick had a delightful brown color, oiliness on the surface and some thin veins scattered on it. The perfume released by this cigar was that of excellent tobacco. Despite the short length my cigar was very firm. I could felt that at touch. Hence, the construction was perfectly made. I haven’t encountered issues with the draw or with the burn, and the ignition went smooth without efforts.